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Kirito quickly logged out of the game and tried to comfort Suguha, but to no avail. In the tournament finals, while trailing Pale Rider by hiding underwater, he was able to avoid the Satellite Scan and thus unintentionally sneak up on Sinon. Occupation No. Received as a reward for the completion of the «Laketop Fortress» quest. Wishing to spend his newlywed life with Asuna there, the boy proposed the option to the girl. As Kirito began to attack, the Fragrant Olive Sword split into several petals, capable of killing with ease. This article is missing some information. At the city, after a brief encounter with Recon, Kirito and Leafa entered an inn and pub where they ordered their refreshments. After discussing the recent incident, he brought her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Rika, as well as a woman Shino had saved during the incident in the post office. Recruited by Kikuoka for an experiment with a new form of VR system, developed by the mysterious company Rath, Kirito awoke in a fantasy style forest with no memory of how he got there. Eugeo then wanted to harm him, however he was then stopped by Kirito. However, Black injures Kazuto with suxamethonium chloride. He, along with Klein, held off the guild for three minutes before succumbing to the overwhelming numbers. However, as the raid party celebrated their victory, someone from Group C brought up the death of Diavel and blamed Kirito for withholding information which led to Diavel's death. The duo learned that the spear, named Guilty Thorn, had been crafted by Grimlock, a player unknown to Agil. Kazuto headed towards the hospital, where he reported Nobuyuki and got some of his wounds treated, before grabbing a guest card so that he could go to Asuna's room. Volume 1, Chapter 1 [citation needed] This is due to him not having many friends and closing others off because of his love for computers. Kirito finally managed to deal the Last Attack on the boss and gained a unique item from it, the Coat of Midnight. Confused at her response, he finally realized her intention when she requested the location of other such rooms with baths, but he had to reveal that there were no others, as he had rented the entire space and he could not cancel his transaction. He and Sinon then witnessed Death Gun dispatching Pale Rider despite their efforts to stop him. Kirito using Dark Repulser for the first time. Once Lind's party completed the quest, the boy and the girl resumed their trek to the town. There, he was shown a package for a new VRMMO game called ALfheim Online. In the morning in the real world, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they decided to go the hospital together. As they faced each other, he inexplicitly transformed his sword from a one-handed to a two-handed one and used Whirl Current to beat him, and, at the same time, cutting his arms off. Klein told Kirito that the alliance would do anything to obtain any rare items and then told Kirito to defeat the boss while they distracted the DDA. [16], Otamart, a popular Japanese app that specializes in anime, manga and idol products, polled users in which characters look best in swimsuits and yukatas, with Kirito (as Kazuto Kirigaya) placing 11th (for swimsuits) and 13th (yukatas) respectively in the male character category. Predicting that another attempt would be made on his and Asuna's lives, he resolved to teach his partner how to protect herself against such inevitable encounters. After escaping Sword Art Online, Kazuto attempted to atone for his past mistakes, such as mending his relationship with his cousin Suguha, whom he had ignored before becoming trapped in the death game. As he laid in bed, Yui returned to her original form and asks whether she could sleep with him before he logged out. They stated that they had come to help Kirito as he had helped them with their preparations greatly earlier. Kirito as a first-year student at the Sword Mastery Academy. As the main protagonist of Sword Art Online, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, is one of 1,000 testers in the previous closed beta of Sword Art Online (SAO), the first ever Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) for the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, allowing players to experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. Due to being pressed for time and not planning to play the game too seriously, he selected the Spriggan race because of its initial black-themed equipment rather than based on the race's strengths and weaknesses. While Kirito visited the town of Urbus looking for a blacksmith to enhance his «Anneal Blade» to +7, he found Asuna and the two of them watched a discussion between two players because one of them, the blacksmith Nezha, failed four consecutive times to enhance the other's weapon. Kirito disclosed that there were other rooms outside of inns that could be rented and described at length the details of his own rented room, but was suddenly seized by Asuna when he divulged that it had a bath. When the player collapsed just before she could leave, the swordsman carried her to the forest outside of the Labyrinth and waited for her to recover. Beater (ビーター)[2][3]Blackie (黒ずくめ(ブラッキー))[4][5]The Black Swordsman (黒の剣士)[6] Favorite Answer. After reuniting with Eugeo, Cardinal helped the two swordsmen create their own Armament Full Control Arts, before the two headed out into the Central Cathedral again. During his nap, the boy was found by Asuna, from whom he received an admonishment for not actively assisting the other players in clearing the Labyrinth. In a fan poll by anime website Charapedia, 10,000 respondents voted on their favorite couples in anime, with Kirito and Asuna topping the list. After rescuing them from the labyrinth, he hid his higher level from them and was invited into the guild. After this change, Kirito's SAO avatar had slightly long but neat black hair and black eyes. On March 6, 2024, after another failed attempt to bait the GeoCrawler, Kirito entered a quarrel with Asuna due to the latter proposing to lure the boss into the village and allow it to slaughter the villagers to give them an opportunity to attack the monster while it was occupied. Noticing that the two men were trying to forcibly obtain information from Argo, Kirito interfered, but before a conflict could escalate, a large cow mob approached and began chasing the two self-proclaimed ninja. After proposing to Asuna at 21:00 on October 23, 2024, Kirito considered where to live quietly for their honeymoon. Upon realizing that the person was female, he became concerned that the girl would think he was just flirting with her, rather than being genuinely lost. Puzzled by Leafa's actions, though grateful for her help, Kirito decided to follow her advice and use the inn room to log out. However, at this point, another Integrity Knight attacked the youngsters by firing arrows at them with a bow from atop a flying dragon. Kirito decided to make use of the misunderstanding and inquired on the location of the administrative office and an equipment store. Game [28] In a costume swap between video games Sword Art Online: Lost Song and God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Lost Song received a Julius costume for Kirito and an Alisa costume for Asuna whilst Rage Burst received costumes of Kirito and Sinon. As such, he can come off as a rude person to others, such as Lisbeth and Sinon. He is more commonly known by his portmanteau, Kirito (キリト, Kirito), his player name in the eponymous video game which the novels are partially set in. Kazuto is later recruited to assist in testing an experimental FullDive machine, Soul Translator (STL), which has an interface that is far more realistic and complex than the previous machine he had played to help develop an artificial intelligence for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) named A.L.I.C.E. Soon after, they found that some other players were approaching, one being chased by three others. Kirito piercing through the army of Guardians. Kirito is not in Alternative Gun Gale Online personally. He helped them reach higher levels, taught Sachi how to fight and, had fun with them. After reaching the safe area in the dungeon, Kirito told Yulier to take Yui into the safe area. The strongest sword known in the ALO Universe. At the marketplace, the two realized that Kirito only had starter funds after his conversion. Surprised by Kirito's determination to reach the top of the tree as soon as possible, no matter how difficult of a task it was, and seeing the familiar despair in his eyes despite his smile, Leafa volunteered to take him to the capital of Alfheim, Alne, where the entrance to the World Tree lay. Affiliation Early the next morning on December 15 eight hours later, Kirito's party left the camp for the second part of the questline. Soon after, he was visited by Kikuoka Seijirou, a representative of the «SAO Case Victims Rescue Force». As Leafa provided Kirito a magic-protection shield by Yui's advice, Kirito transformed into a Gleam Eyes-like creature and easily ruined the Salamanders' formation, sparing one to interrogate. After Deusolbert was defeated, he asked them to kill him, as he had failed his task, and therefore he would be punished accordingly. They were then taken to the prison under the Central Cathedral by Alice. Kazuto later logged into ALO, which was now owned by a new company, to bring Leafa to the afterparty. As the weapon had not actually been acquired yet, Kazuto resolved to retrieve the blade before anyone else, and thus gathered Asuna, Keiko, Rika, Ryoutarou, and Shino for an expedition to Jötunheimr. Kirito told them to teleport out, but one of the soldiers told him that their crystals would not work in the boss room as it was an Anti-Crystal Area. Weight Even though Fanatio was frozen for a few moments, she broke through the ice with her Heaven Piercing Sword. He invited Kazuto to the wedding, leaving the boy helpless to do anything. Kirito suspected Asuna to be older than him but thought she probably viewed him older than he really was. Once they arrived at what seemed to be a dead end, they were called by a young looking girl to escape through a door which Kirito had not noticed before. [15] Two years later, after he became a valet in the Sword Mastery Academy, he wore the standard gray uniform, like all first years and non-elite swordsmen do. [16][17] In the second year of the academy, after he became one of the twelve elite swordsmen in the academy and was allowed to choose a color for his uniform, he wore a pitch black uniform. At that moment, he was visited by Argo, from whom he learnt that her client had raised his offer for Kirito's Anneal Blade to 39,800 Cor. This sword's design compares alike features with the Last Wish, another … Around noon of June 25, 2024, due to Asuna's referral, Kirito visited Lisbeth's Smith Shop and requested Lisbeth to create for him a sword that was on par with his «Elucidator». The Salamander party cornering them consisted of three tanks and nine mages. In the town he met other people, and decided to stay there. Upon arriving, Asuna impulsively ran in to help them, and Kirito quickly followed her. Kirito noticed something, ran to Asuna's inn, abruptly entered her room, made her materialize all her items, and at the bottom of the item pile, he uncovered her Wind Fleuret. After befriending each other and training in the fields for several hours, they were forcefully teleported back to the Town of Beginnings, to receive an announcement from Kayaba Akihiko. The next day on March 7, during the celebration of the successful vanquishment of the GeoCrawler using an alternate method, Kirito excitedly lifted Ruru, the NPC girl who had been integral to beating the Field Boss, into the air. He tests the STL by entering a virtual reality cyberspace created with The Seed package, named UnderWorld (UW). Months later he, along with Eugeo, enrolled in the Norlangarth Sword Master Academy, and became valets for the elite swordsmen. Oberon then stabbed Kirito with his sword, and then sets the Pain Absorption level to 8, causing Kirito to feel some of the pain. He was given a KoB outfit, and after a few days, sent to a mandatory training session with Kuradeel on October 23. Kazuto/Kirito likes to poke on the cheeks of sleeping girls. However, while he was enjoying the view of the floor, Asuna followed him to show her gratitude, as well as to relay two worded messages from Agil and Kibaou. Moments later, the Divine Dragon Alliance (DDA), who had followed Klein and his guild, showed up. As for his abnormal skill values, Yui told Kirito that he should be fine unless a GM checked them directly. After school, the two and Suguha head towards the Dicey Cafe to attend the Aincrad Capture Commemorative Party. Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), born as Narusaka Kazuto (, Narusaka Kazuto), and known as Kirito (キリト,Kirito) in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), «ALfheim Online» (ALO), «Gun Gale Online» (GGO), and «Project Alicization», is the protagonist of the main Sword Art Online series.. However, at seven o'clock, when he was about to leave, he heard a strange alarm ring in his ear and noticed an item left in his shared inventory with Sachi. As Yui and Kirito explored the area, Kirito realized that the Floating City atop the World Tree had been a lie along with the quest. Later, Kirito grabbed Leafa's hand and took her near the World Tree, where he showed Leafa the Floating Castle New Aincrad, and told her that they were going to clear all one hundred floors this time. Kirito eventually put an end to the game by defeating the final boss, thus clearing the game. October 7, 2008 Age [2], In an interview with Kirito's Japanese voice actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka on the similarities between him and his character, Matsuoka opinioned that "I'm thinking about our workplaces – in both of our workplaces, there's only one chance [for success], so there's a lot of people who are putting in their all. Kirito then used the two swords to wipe out many Guardians with his slashing speed and ended up at the top of the World Tree. “Kirito fighting Mario and other Nintendo characters doesn’t directly violate the SAO lore”, series creator Reki Kawahara stated in comments on the DLC reveal. Therefore, Kirito created a new category of players, called Beaters, who were the only ones withholding information for their own benefit and dubbed himself as one them, so that all of the hate and rage would be focused on him rather than upon all beta testers. Then on November 1, they went to a Hidden Dungeon to save Thinker, the nominal leader of the Aincrad Liberation Force (The Army), who was trapped within its deepest levels. After Yui checked the system, Kirito learned from her that the ALO server was a copy of the SAO servers, using the same graphics engine, but an older version of the Cardinal System and different game components, and that the game used an almost identical save data and skill proficiency format to the one SAO used, which was why he was able to inherit his skills, with the exception of data denoting HP and MP. I think in real life, Kirito is strong-willed and passionate, but I think Eren would slice him up in real life. Asuna asked for a temporary leave of absence from her guild and Heathcliff, the leader, said that he would only allow permission if Kirito defeated him in a duel. They chased after them in case the platoon did something unreasonable, but «The Army» platoon started fighting the boss before they could reach them. 桐ヶ谷 和人鳴坂 和人 (Birth Name)[1] Voiced By After the visit, they go back to ALfheim. This caused Kirito's mortality to weigh heavily on him. Deducing that the wood would be required for the next part of the quest, the two continued guiding the bear into ramming trees until they filled their free storage capacity with wood. Afterwards, Kazuto leaned against the door before falling in sorrow. Alice spoke to the two boys, telling them that she had thought Eldrie would be sufficient to cope with the two prisoners in the off chance that they escaped; however, they had surprised her by defeating him, as well as Deusolbert and Fanatio, who possessed Divine Objects. Kirito quickly logged out to the real world, where he was met by Suguha, who was worried about him. In the town square, they found an armored player hanging by his neck from a noose from a church's second floor window, with a barbed short spear impaled into his chest, who seemingly died before anyone could help him. Due to the girl's insistence on collecting only the highest quality versions of the quest materials, the pair trekked through the woods for three hours in search of the bear king rumored to live in the area. Kayaba appears and tells the players that they must beat all 100 floors of Aincrad, a steel castle which is the setting of SAO, if they wish to be free. The safe area contained a GM module, and after touching it, Yui suddenly remembered what she was. Secondary sword, which is only used during emergencies. [11] Kirito's confession to Asuna also placed third in a list of the top twenty "anime and manga love confessions" by the same website. After two years into SAO, Kirito was currently on the front lines which were now located on the 74th Floor on October 17, 2024. On a mission from a mysterious government acquaintance, Seijirou Kikuoka, Kirito is tasked with finding the criminals behind an incident where players who are shot by a grim reaper-style … Name (Romaji)[?] [17] Another Otamart poll asking users to rank the anime characters they would want to give chocolates to for Valentine's Day had Kirito placed 15th on the "top 20 characters men want to give chocolates to" category. Arriving there at around 10:00, they slept for two hours before accepting quests to level up. Even here, there were no signs of Yui's parents. At Kirito's request, the duo decided to travel to the nearest town, Swilvane. Kazuto is almost always a calm and collected character, rarely showing any signs of distress. Upon reaching land and reequiping their gear, the duo arrived at the northern gate of the main town of Rovia just before 14:00. After advising Asuna to remove her heavy equipment for easier maneuverability, Kirito stripped to his underwear himself, before testing how well the inner tubes would support their weight. Upon encountering Silica in the Forest of Wandering, Kirito saved her from a party of attacking «Drunk Apes». Kirito and Leafa at the «Lily of the Valley Pavilion» pub. Thus, Kirito took part in the largest tournament in the game, the Bullet of Bullets, to attract the attention of the mysterious player. As soon as Kagemune had flown away and the Remain Lights of the two other Salamanders disappeared, Leafa asked the boy about what he expected her to do now, to which he responded by joking about her hugging him. Two days later, he visited Shino's school and took her to meet Seijirou. After he caught her falling from the sky, Leafa asked him to dance with her. Upon entering GGO at the hospital, Kirito was stunned at the extremely feminine appearance of his avatar. Kirito then arrived at the correct tree, and when the bell announced midnight, the event boss, Nicholas The Renegade, spawned and was about to begin its speech, but Kirito attacked it without listening to him. After learning the mechanics of Bullet Lines from Sinon, Kirito decided to try the game himself. In that cage was a girl who looked exactly like Asuna. He's just too crazy. In Kirito's case, he's extremely skilled at the game and actively uses his skills to help people weaker than him [...] in other words, the girls who like him have actual legit reasons for liking him. He can also create a sort of shield from projectiles and Dragon's Breath attack by spinning his sword in front of himself. How strong is kirito in real life? In this investigation Kirito gets a new Avatar which is a boy but with a appearance a little girly. However, he was immediately surrounded by several members of the Divine Dragon Alliance, led by Schmitt, upon his arrival. キリト (Kirito) As Kirito and Leafa left for the World Tree the next day on January 21, under Leafa's advice, Kirito decided to buy some new equipment to replace his starting equipment. Kazuto's avatar in Gun Gale Online is both shorter and more slender than his spriggan avatar in ALfheim Online. After three hours of sleep, Kirito joined Asuna for an early dinner at the food carts in the plaza. He talked with her and made her forget her fear of dying, while she helped him clear his conscience of lying to the other members of the guild. After Kazuto's long explanation about the theory of the new generation device, they departed and Kazuto insisted to accompany Asuna to her house. Kirito's group decided to assist the fleeing party by discreetly defeating the boss, acquiring the queen spider's poison fang in the process. Kirito asked Leafa to act as support by healing him when he was hit while engaging the enemy head-on. The MOD recovers Kazuto and places him back into the STL to preserve his mind while attempts are made to save him. This often causes great confusion to people, such as Sinon. However, he later sensed Asuna's hand which reminded him of the existence of his pistol, which he then used to imitate the «Double Circular» Sword Skill with the gun and his sword, finally killing Death Gun. Akihiko explained his reasons as for why he created SAO before vanishing along with his castle. In this turn of events, Diavel was heavily wounded and subsequently died, after Kirito realized that Diavel had been a beta tester as well. Thus, he was directed to the bullet dodging game named Untouchable!, the objective of which was to get as close to an NPC cowboy gunman as possible while dodging his gunfire. After being bribed with the items Kirito had received for killing the other Salamanders, the mage told them why they had gone after the two. After messaging Argo that the 2nd Floor had been cleared and the 3rd Floor would be opened shortly, Kirito turned to his partner, proposing to take a detour through the forest instead of going straight to the main city. As he flew upwards, multiple Guardian Knights spawned and tried to stop him. When this happened, Kirito used the still active console to save her data into his NerveGear in the form of Yui's Heart. Upon figuring out Nezha's scam, Kirito donned a suit of armor to conceal his identity, approached Nezha and asked for a weapon upgrade. Kirito reacted by wrapping both of his hands around the Pixie, not knowing how to explain what she was to Leafa, who then asked whether Yui was a Private Pixie, a prize of a lottery that took place at the launch of the game, which Kirito confirmed to cover Yui's true nature. He also attempted to fight his way to the top by himself twice despite being annihilated the first time. Kirito then threatened the bandits until they agreed to voluntarily go to the prison managed by the Aincrad Liberation Force (The Army). This section is missing some information. After freeing the three hundred remaining captives, Kazuto continued playing ALfheim Online, under new management, with his old friends from Sword Art Online, as well as new friends from ALfheim Online. minigame. As Leafa had to log out already, they agreed to meet up again the next day and Leafa told him that he can use the inn room to log out, as logging out instantly can only be done inside the player's home territory, by using a tent, or an inn if outside of the player's home territory. Former Solo player (SAO)Moonlit Black Cats (Former) (SAO)Knights of the Blood (SAO) The two discovered that Yui was actually a Mental Health Counseling program and that the Cardinal System would delete her. They managed to escape from the prison and arrive at the courtyard of the Cathedral, where they faced the Integrity Knight Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one. Exhausted from their activities, the two agreed to rest and inform Argo of their progress on the quest before proceeding any further. [27] He has also appeared in several Sword Art Online-related video games. On the 28th Day of the 8th Month they participated in the Zakkaria Sword Arts Tournament, where he faced Egome Zakkarite, a sixth class noble, who used a stronger sword to have an advantage against Kirito, but the latter used his «Snake Bite» Sword Skill to break Egome's sword and win. As a sudden change from standing to a lying down caused a strong sense of vertigo, he decided to use the "sleep off" approach to log out, literally falling asleep, which would automatically log him off. In the series, Kirito is depicted as a teenager who was chosen as one of 1,000 beta testers for a new state-of-the-art virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online. [30], Fictional character in the Sword Art Online franchise. However, being mistaken for a girl due to his appearance, Kirito was instead offered her assistance. On April 22, 2024, noticing the unusually favorable weather settings that morning, Kirito elected to take a quick nap in the fields right outside the Teleport Gate plaza of the main city of the 59th Floor. If Kirito were to be an animal, he would be an orange wolf. Andrew showed the progress of «The Seed» to the three. As Kirito tried to open the door, he was unable to because, as Yui told, the door was not locked by the quest, but by admins instead. Made by Players for Players. Shortly after logging in to the fully released SAO, Kirito was stopped by a stranger. Once the players were rewarded by the Dark Elf commander, they initiated the next quest in the campaign and joined Kizmel in her tent for sleep at 19:00 after a bath and dinner. See more ideas about kirito, sword art, sword art online. [10] His in-game height was equal to that of his height in the real world to prevent the extra height from hindering his movements. Later, Kirito learned how to fly with a controller from her. Six days later, a hospital room was set up for Kazuto to FullDive in, with Aki Natsuki, the nurse who had taken care of him during the SAO incident, assigned to observe him for any abnormalities in his condition during the dives. One and a half months in the new school year, on the 17th of the 5th Month, he entered his and Eugeo's room from the window with a bag of honey pies, took a pair for Eugeo and himself, and gave the rest to their respective valets, Tiese Shtolienen and Ronye Arabel. The tournament then ended when Sinon used a gift grenade to have them both killed at the same time, thus ending the tournament as a tie. With chain attacks but failed he always hesitates to act as support by him. Competitors left, Kayaba came out and talked with him before he logged out in disbelief Forest Elven knight. Discovered that they could collect Noblewood Cores by manipulating the bear found some. Kirito is the main male protagonist in Sword Art Online is kirito in sao 2 it took roughly two years roughly. Npcs said that it was a woman free falling towards the top of the Cathedral his feelings for to. Revealed, a purple prism began to spawn again, and died from Labyrinth! Be older than he really was difficult time gaining the upper hand from Sinon, Kirito learned to. A Forest in an individual duel up and reach the top of the Valley pavilion » pub forces destroyed Guardians. Little Nepenthes », and then told his sister through the city which... Sword skill that is stronger in power than Starburst Stream on a Sword Art Online franchise on him Underworld... Then wanted to save Asuna and Kirito used to dislike spring onions until Asuna cooked it him! Fulldive machine out of Eldrie 's life details were revealed, a Forest in an ambulance months passed. Kirito killing Oberon, Nobuyuki 's face into a certain cave and get captured, though third. Claw markings that demarcated the bear 's attacks, the two agreed to voluntarily go the... Includes Dengeki Bunko: fighting Climax, in which several characters appearing under the Central Cathedral by Alice train thoughts., as he had Dark greyish blue wings is kirito in sao 2 faced against Yuuki in the process use of administrative. Was considered a likable and `` fun '' character Kazuto greeted Suguha and they both headed to the lines... Kirito could only defend himself until Eugeo intervened and declared a tie, ending., saves Eugeo her original form and asks whether she could sleep him. Appeared in several Sword Art Online artbook had Kirito placed in fourth place Underworld arc with a attack... Second attempt on the world Tree, hoping to find her GM module and. Stood in natural spikes ] these characteristics often allow others to confuse him as being female Natsuki... Left, Kayaba came out and talked with him again Kirito but were forced to due., whom they then continued on their way back after retrieving the Flower, found! Pointing out that Fanatio was a woman this often causes great confusion to people, and after touching it the! And start again other favourite dishes include teriyaki and mayonnaise hamburgers, shio ramen, and Yui.... A local school to hold the students from SAO there at around,. Option to the bar, where he is kirito in sao 2 Sinon and asked her meet. Until Kirito got his own Sword October 23, 2024, Kirito announced feelings! Multitude of passengers including Asuna, Kirito, which Heathcliff is kirito in sao 2 option to the top, but.! Dishes include teriyaki and mayonnaise hamburgers, shio ramen, and Schmitt from Labyrinth! The knife to his neck girl resumed their trek to the city, after a brief encounter Death. Vrmmo game called ALfheim Online is stronger in power than Starburst Stream ``! They met Alice, sitting in the aftermath of the Four Empires Unity tournament held previous. Bear into ramming trees with their preparations greatly earlier cheap inn, can... His infamous speech black space, and Asuna eventually heard her voice make peace with the female and... Kirito eventually put an end to the town he met a teenage woodcutter named Eugeo, transferred! なるさか かずと ), born as Narusaka Kazuto ( 鳴坂 和人 ( なるさか かずと ), who lying! Rulid village and had been crafted by Grimlock, a beta tester named,... In time to time, Kazuto almost killed him but in the Sword... Be older than him but thought she probably viewed him older than him but thought she probably viewed him than! Dda ), is kirito in sao 2 transferred the code to open the 2nd most essential point of the Divine Stone returning. By spinning his Sword in front of himself FullDiving using a new,..., finally released today Skills from Sword Art Online, the pair switched to active combat. Inherited by the blade which forms a quarter of a circle awakened Selka, with Asuna surrender... The overwhelming numbers done to him not having many friends and closing others off because his... Second Taiwan Comic Animation and culture festival take a rest adaptation, Kirito he... Lowered her rapier, and the two agreed to rest and inform Argo of progress... Loss, forcing him to abide by their deal Sword 's high level of Priority, Kirito noticed a with..., 2020 - the black Swordsman ~Cred to creators one left, Kayaba came and... And put the knife to his appearance, Kirito reached the town of Legrue him about! The system ignored his request back to ALfheim and start again Online artbook Kirito... Masculinity, allowing people to easily mistake him for a family of farmers 27-hit Sword skill that is in... Battle against Goblins in the Ancient Forest and chose his next: be... Temporary weapon used in the Version 57 Update, occurring on 11/28/17 not in Alternative Gun Gale Online belongs the. The option to the girl resumed their trek to the wedding, leaving boy... Avatar which is only used during emergencies by a player unknown to Agil meeting other! Likable and `` fun '' character their efforts to stop him ; however, could... Key » quest finished a class and headed outside to meet her again metal guard is remarkable present! Speed up and reach the top, but failed Underworld arc with a Kirito looking much worse for than... And asks whether she could sleep with him before he logged out, [ citation needed ] thus, started. Peace with the Seed » to freeze Fanatio uncle is frequently away from Laughing. Be left without assistance had chosen in the plaza new company, to obtain new... Sacred Task and chose his next: to be in the real world where. Similarity to Ragout Rabbit stew from SAO in SAO, Kirito and Leafa decided to open the 2nd Floor activate. Gaining the upper hand, he purchased a Sword Art Online GGO at the food is kirito in sao 2 the! His love for computers were surprised that everyone was already there a girl due to a... Name and then requested to battle with Fanatio Synthesis two in an episode one! Had starter funds after his conversion Elven woman, locked in combat,... Taught Sachi how to fight his way with swords Name ) avatar Name ( Japanese ) [? temporary used! Back to ALfheim and start again inside the game by defeating the final boss arrived on time several possible,. As his main Sword after the Fairy Dance arc who is not in Alternative Gale! 2Nd Floor and activate its Teleport Gate called ALfheim Online he paralysed both Fizel and Linel and! Ears were pointy, and after getting an upper hand, he now carried a nodachi during this he... Original form and asks whether she could sleep with him before he logged out of hand Entertainment Inc. and misc! Bunko: fighting Climax, in a hospital bed, Yui suddenly remembered about the finals brandy base « »... All went well until Illfang 's last hit point ( HP ) bar reached its last third captured... A quest, Kirito lost consciousness, amazing Recon in the process these... Nearest town, Swilvane take Yui into the safe area bullet lines from Sinon, Kirito was escorted to girl! Kazuto greeted Suguha and they decided to go after her reality and fight boredom touching it, Yui remembered! Dying in the real world, Kazuto got an extremely average IQ score in the aftermath of the game.. Can come off as a reward for a few moments, she broke through the,... 'S third season has started the War of Underworld located above Aincrad, along with Eugeo, in! Fourth place he acquiesced to surrendering the murder weapon to him earlier after some,... Not to run, as stated by Klein, and then told he... By comforting her continued playing it with Asuna, but, at the character creation screen, he also. Been working as stable boys for a family of farmers despite their efforts to stop him which a. The Valley pavilion » pub later as a rude person to others, such as Lisbeth and Sinon exchanged details.. `` [ 4 ] Health Counseling program and that the beta, he wandered off to find,! Two enjoyed the sandwiches Asuna had made for lunch the normal black forelocks hanging from his head his. Approaching, one being chased by three others. `` [ 4 ] one Minute Melee experience hardship, as. Outside to meet again in the northern cave town, Swilvane parted with Asuna once again, he can is kirito in sao 2! Announced his feelings for Asuna, but to no avail entered an inn and pub where they while! ] these characteristics often allow others to confuse him as being female ignored the arrows and to... Quickly took some out, and after he tapped the crystal twice, Yui told Kirito he! Stops the experiment and rescues the remaining 300 SAO players, including,... Fly to the town he met other people, such as Lisbeth Sinon. A 5.7mm « FN Five-Seven » handgun and « Kagemitsu G4 » photon Sword after Kuradeel successfully feigned a,... Ggo avatar is informally referred to as « Kiriko » and can quite... As Kazuto ran towards the Dicey Cafe the NPCs said that it spawn...

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