jags or alleyn's

By   december 22, 2020

Alleyn's School Townley Road London SE22 8SU. We have friends at Alleyns whose children are equally happy. @DiscoJanet - Alleyn's do interview pupils for 7+ (I would have thought at 11+, too) but they don't interview parents. or. Many thanks. I don't remember my dd having an interview for the 7+! The later Robert Browne wrote to Alleyn in 1612, showing that the Alleyns knew both men. Many thanks . University of Cambridge - Classics Project. In the end we've decided its Alleyns. I wonder whether there is some unwritten agreement between the schools. DPL students to be brought over to Dulwich College by minibus to catch the B1 there. Izzy Elkington. We were worried that all girls may be a bit much for her but she's found her group of friends who like similar things. Another Press Conference this afternoon .... Do you have questions about creating positive bathroom habits and routines? Re the diversity issue I do think a lot of ethnic minority families (of which we are one) prefer single sex environments hence more at Jags/DC. I don't like that they manage girls out of the prep as it must create a feeling of added pressure to do well. JAGS is a 4-18 academically selective school for girls with a passion for life and learning. I wonder if its reputation itself puts people from non-white non-Dulwich village-types off from applying in the first place. JAGs has 35 places at 4+ and Alleyns has 9 for girls at 4+. Interested in joining JAGS Choral Society? The thing that tips it towards JAPs / JAGs for me at the moment is that its much more diverse (ethnically and economically) than Alleyns. It is a registered charity and was originally part of Edward Alleyn's College of God's Gift charitable foundation, which also included Alleyn's School and Dulwich College. JAGS Office 365. Alleyn’s Great Hall is a site of memorial for the fallen from the school, and therefore it returned to one of its original uses as the Remembrance was observed. I think these departments really benefit from being coed (I think JAGs may collaborate with Dulwich College for music and drama so perhaps this isn't a massive issue in the older years).I think you will get a really good idea when you revisit; you can try to picture your dd at the school when you visit. Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Share your imaginative play tips with The LEGO Group: £200 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. Visitor Posts. Please s end an email to info@jagschoralsociety.com. It has a senior school for 11- to 18-year-old girls, a prep school … Another Press Conference this afternoon .... Do you have questions about creating positive bathroom habits and routines? I wondered if JAGs would offer her a greater breadth of sports as it has twice as many girls?She's quite a robust character (!) See as more exclusive. As at Jags it was a totally separate activity from the entrance exam itself (about two weeks later, 1-1 with the head etc). Eg at tour there was lots of emphasis about the high grades in music, awards won, etc.Very very glad we chose Alleyns - dd very happy, its nurturing, rounded, and has fantastic opportunities for music, sport, drama, art etc. Jags were less flexible but we did manage to join a group tour. If you mean racially then JAGs might be slightly more mixed than Alleyns? I just hope it helps as we had a similar dilemma with north London schools for my eldest and a post on here really helped me choose the right school so I hope this helps in return! Forgot account? But am struggling to write Alleyns off just because of that.We have visits to both schools booked - hopefully that will clarify the situation! Congratulations to your dd, what a great choice to have.What are your dd's interests? The certainly do now - my son has just been through it: written exams and, if you make the cut, then an activity morning about 10 days later, which also includes a 1:1 with a teacher (possibly the head). Tweets by alleyns_school. March 4, 2013 at 8:17 AM. Kudos. Kerboodle. To think women should be told this about the morning after pill? Streatham and Clapham?? reception@alleyns.org.uk. Alleyn's 400; Alleyn's Holiday Camps; Alleyn's WW1 Commemoration Site (opens in new window/tab) The 400th Anniversary Campaign; Latest News; Contact Us; Term Dates; Coronavirus Information; Back to top. Just on gut feel we went for Alleyns. 2. My DD is at JAGS and abosolutely loves it. Alleyn's 400; Alleyn's Holiday Camps ; Alleyn's WW1 Commemoration Site (opens in new window/tab) … I live locally and I don't think Alleyns is perceived to be much better at all. No idea if this is true but something to think about, and ask about if relevant for your dd.On the other hand, Alleyn's has amazing music teachers and ensembles, and their drama department is excellent as well. Contact Us. Contact James Allen's Girls' School. Latest News. Saying that Jags senior school seems better than the juniors. Alleyns is certainly very international though and has a lot of bilingual kids. It is the oldest girls’ independent school in Greater London. Not Now. What Others Say About Alleyn's. Major Benest represented the Combined Cadet Force contingents of the three Foundation Schools, Alleyn’s, Dulwich College and JAGS, and School Captain Morgan delivered a reading from John 15:9-17. Maybe it was included in the assessment day itself then? My Maths. JAGs has 35 places at 4+ and Alleyns has 9 for girls at 4+. My older DD does have a fairly diverse year in the senior school though with a lot of the children from different backgrounds and many benefitting from Alleyn’s fantastic bursary provision. Would you be able to ask your friend why she would pick Alleyns over Jags please? pre-prep. 55 likes. We'd always assumed we would prefer a co-ed school but the facilities and clubs at Jags junior school seem better. and as your DD has gotten in, she'll have no problem with the academic level. Can I ask what you've heard about Alleyns that suggests it's by far the better school please? We saw all the facilities again. See more of Jags VS Alleyns on Facebook. What a lovely choice to have to make! You can’t go wrong with either so it’s more about picking which is better for your child. Alleyns.schoolpost.co.uk: visit the most interesting Alleyn S School Post pages, well-liked by users from United Kingdom, or check the rest of alleyns.schoolpost.co.uk data below.Alleyns.schoolpost.co.uk is a web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. (NB – the school also has a smaller entrance point at 13+, with some… It would be interesting to see the breakdown of diversity of ethnic and economic groups of those applying to each school actually. Alleyns definitely didn't do that at 7! JAGs and Alleyns both have theatres and decent grounds. Jags VS Alleyns. We celebrate the fact that our girls speak some 50 home languages. T: 020 8693 1181. prep. To think women should be told this about the morning after pill? JAGS is by far the academic of the two schools. So our dd has (unexpectedly) got into both of these at 11+. After attending Alleyns School, where his performing career began, he studied at Central St . James Allen's Girls' School, abbreviated JAGS, is an independent day school situated in Dulwich, South London, England. JAGS is the more focused of the two schools and the girls are bright and buzzy. Further details for the whole school can be found in our prospectus. There's a thread further down this page...They're both great . To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. However, I know parents who swear up and down that JAPS is very nurturing despite its reputation for only suiting a very academic girl. James Allen's Girls' School (JAGS) is an independent day school for girls aged 4 - 18 in Dulwich, London. She felt that Alleyn's might put boys sport first over the girls. Open Mornings. We initially thought we wanted Jags but went to see them both again (after we had the offers), talked to local friends with experience of both, and decided on Alleyns in the end. My dd is in yr 10 at JAGS and and loves it and says she's so pleased she went there. On the other hand, Alleyn's has amazing music teachers and ensembles, and their drama department is excellent as well. Mainly because we felt it less pressured - Alleyns does have high expectations, but ultimately we felt Jags had a feel that if you weren't absolutely excelling at something/everything you would be sidelined. Useful Links. Alleyns' policies strike me as more nurturing-- they don't manage kids out, they have a sibling policy etc so they aren't as obsessed with league table results and it has a reputation for being less pressured- I have friends who teach music at Alleyns and JAGs. I think the point about how universities view Alleyns is a bit off. See more of Jags VS Alleyns on Facebook. London SE22 8TE. Yammer. Known universally as JAGS, the school dates from 1741, part of the same foundation as Dulwich College and Alleyn's School, and claims to be the oldest girls' school in London. Alleyns bent over backwards to accommodate us and we were shown around as a family. We have another DD in Alleyn’s senior school and have been very pleased with it so far. We are leaning towards Alleyn’s for this DD too mainly due to the same observations DulwichMum1234 has made above.

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