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By   december 22, 2020

© 2020 by The KyTy Company, LLC. Select an opossum from a breeder, pet store or another owner. Shop By Pet | Opossum Products. We are a USDA and IL-DNR licensed dealer. The Animal Store sometimes offers captive-bred Virginia Opossums for sale. There are 379 pet possum for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.42 on average. Their scientific name is Didelphimorphia. I know this is a strange question, but I would like to know. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Native To Central America Ranging From Southern Mexico To Western Ecuador And Colombia; Adults Can Grown Up To 28 Inches Weighing Nearly One Pound ; Most Of This Species Length Is Its Prehensile Tail Which It Uses To Help Climb Trees And … Possum info: The short tail possum has been a loving pet for several years. Opossum Treats. Health & Sanitation. Add to cart. You guessed it: black. Animal Encounters & Tours. Quick View. We have curated a list of products that will provide you with the most successful experience with your new opossum companion. To own a Virginia Opossum as a pet in Illinois, you must buy a permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. A new addition to the KyTy family, we will likely have very few available babies until we are able to expand our colony, so please be patient with us. Click HERE to place a deposit! Opossum Cages. Hopefully you find the perfect creative moniker for your furry, slightly scary looking friend. Video of the Day Where are opossums for sale? We sell short-tail possums online, delivered to an airport near you. Opossums are not very quick animals, nor are they really great hunters of smaller mammals or birds. Animals For Sale . Tweet. Policies & FAQ. My Account | Sign in or Create an Account. My previous pet opossum passed away and I was wondering where in the western states of the U.S. can someone purchase an opossum. Gift Shop & Pet Supplies. Will go home with a snuggle sack as well The state agencies that regulate exotic pet ownership are the Department of Fish & Game and the Department of Natural Resources. Lion Attack Should Not Change North Carolina's Exotic Animal Laws. They grow to be roughly the size of a domestic house cat and have long snouts and prehensile tails. They are known to live for three years in th… 0. The Animal Store sometimes offers captive-bred Virginia Opossums for sale. Janda Forum. Short-tailed Opposums (STOs) are small South American mammals. $13.95. This list of opossum name ideas is an excellent jumping off point. Derby's Woolly Opossum quantity. Animals For Sale. Opossum For Sale. Posted: (2 days ago) Jerboas as Pets: Feeding, Housing, and Personality ... Opossum For Sale. Sometimes they can be spotted lumbering across the backyards of suburban homes or sadly, due to their not so quick nature, as road kill. A single opossum commonly carries fleas, ticks, mites, and lice within their fur and because opossums eat fruit and can climb trees, they frequently contaminate apple harvests. It’s a mix of photos of wild possums and possums living under human care, but don’t let that fool you — possums are not pets . Small Pet Foxes that can Live Indoors. This is a North American Opossum. Using a g Proudly made with, Short-tailed Opposums (STOs) are small South American mammals. To own a Virginia Opossum as a pet in Illinois, you must buy a permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. From shop ChristyTreasureBox. The English word ‘possum’ was first used for this opossum variety. The opossum, or possum, is the only marsupial in North America. Opossums are nocturnal and eat insects, snails, fallen fruit, carrion, eggs, improperly stored garbage, pet food and leftovers in the compost pile. Buy, sell and adopt puppies, dogs, cats, kittens and other pets in your local area. Possums have really hardy immune systems and are resistant to rabies. Four-Eyed Opossum for Sale. Opossums Available For Purchase at Frazier Farms Exotics. You may purchase it on this website:, License #760—Furbearing Animal Breeder License. You need this license to own a Virginia Opossum in Illinois, even if you do not plan to breed it. They are not rodents! © 2020 by The KyTy Company, LLC. All our pets are ethically and legally sourced. We use American Airlines and Delta for our pet shipping. The most popular color? HOME. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Browse our products made for opossums. Short Tailed Opossum for sale in Connecticut Short Tailed Opossum for sale in Connecticut. However, they are fascinating animals that are illegal in most states. Shop our wide selection of toys, food, cages and more for your exotic pet! Whether you own a pet opossum or have one as a regular visitor to your backyard, you really should give the critter a name. Pets4Homes is the UKs most popular free pet classifieds and information site. They are very good pets for beginners because of their cleanliness, omnivorous diet, and general good health. Well you're in luck, because here they come. They are found in North, South and Central America, but mainly in the North. The most common pet possum material is … We maintain a high level of standard and care for our breeding animals. Contact Us. Not to be confused with the North American opossums that may be rescued by wildlife centers, these shorter-tailed cousins have been imported and bred as pets since 1978. 250.00. Pet possum | Etsy. However, when … Create a stimulating environment to help keep your pet active and alert in their cage. This Web Site is for the group most recently led by the late Dr. Henness, the National Opossum Society. sold out. More. Opossum Food. Shop By Pet | Opossum Products | Opossum Cage Accessories. Exotic Animal Forum. There is no disputing how cute baby possums are, at least among most folks. DNA sexed females. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about pet possum? We are a USDA and IL-DNR licensed dealer. They are nocturnal and do best as a solitary pet. So you want a possum for a pet? At Frazier Farms Exotics we offer Virginia Opossums for sale. Marmosets are gum feeders. Short tailed opossums are one of the few true insectivores native to the Americas. Found 10 "Opossums" Pets and Animals ads from Everywhere Short tailed opossum - $200. Unlike most other. Opossum Cage Accessories. Proudly made with Wix. They are considered a marsupial even though they don’t have a pouch. This is something important when considering opossums as pets. Whomever you end up buying your baby marmoset monkey from, make sure they have an USDA license that is current. We offer healthy and happy exotic animals that have been bred and raised in a TWRA state licenced and USDA federally licenced facility. You must renew the license every year. CLICK HERE to read about KyTy's continued response to the COVID-19 crisis! From funny to clever to cute opossum names, choose your favorites. Known also as the Brazilian opossum or rainforest opossum, as they are generally found south of the Amazon River, in southern, central, and western Brazil. Opossum Necklace - Engrave Pendant - Sterling Silver Jewelry - Gold Jewelry - RoseGold Jewelry - Personalized Pet Jewelry - Animal Pet Charm ChristyTreasureBox. Short-tailed opossums have grown in popularity as an exotic pet. Short-tailed Opposums (STOs) are small South American mammals. Only captive-bred box turtles can be found on sale here at the Turtle Store.
As of June 2006, hobbyists with three or fewer breeding females do not need a federal USDA license to own a short-tailed opossum; as they are a species from South America, they are not wildlife indigenous to North America.

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