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Gene structural diversity is one of the mechanisms for the evolution of multigene families (Cao et al., 2016b; Cao et al., 2017). Genet. Note: lists as Pyrus ×bretschneideri Rehder; Tuz, A. S. 1972. The gene IDs of P. bretschneideri, P. communis, P. mume, P. persica and F. vesca are found in the GigaDB, GDR, PGDD, Phytozome, and JGI, respectively. General Information Pyrus bretschneideri is a deciduous tree that can grow 5 - … Cells 7, 77. doi: 10.3390/cells7070077, Cao, Y., Li, X., Jiang, L. (2019). how to cite how to cite. is! Name Language; yali pear: English: weißer Birnbaum: German: Propose photo. Remarkably, three PbBZR genes, including PbBZR1, PbBZR2 and PbBZR3, were localized in the nucleus and might be involved in the negative regulation of lignin biosynthesis. The Pfam protein families database. Nucleic Acids Res. 130, 1221–1229. Pyrus bretschneideri is a perennial woody deciduous member of the Pyrus genus in the family Rosaceae. (2017) found that GmBZR1 can enhance the size and weight of soybean and ultimately increase its yield (Lu et al., 2017). Sci. (2018). Nat. These data presented that co-expression of these three pBD-PbBZR proteins are able to significantly inhibit the expression of the LUC reporter by co-expression with the individual reporter plasmid, indicating that these BZR transcription factors were possibly transcriptional repressors and had no transactivation activity (Figure 5B), which was similar to MaBZR1 and MaBZR2 (Guo et al., 2018). Clades of BZR genes (1–4) are highlighted with different colored backgrounds. Proc. (2016a). Commun. The GFF file, cDNA and protein sequences of P. bretschneideri, P. communis, P. mume, P. persica, and F. vesca were downloaded from GigaDB database (http://gigadb.org/), GDR databse (https://www.rosaceae.org/), PGDD database (http://chibba.agtec.uga.edu/duplication/index/files), Phytozome (https://phytozome.jgi.doe.gov/pz/portal.html), and JGI database (https://jgi.doe.gov/), respectively (Shulaev et al., 2011; Zhang et al., 2012; Verde et al., 2013; Wu et al., 2013; Chagné et al., 2014). The two fruits in the centre are the Ya pear (Pyrus bretschneideri), the two on the outside are different cultivars of Pyrus pyrifolia - Shinko on the left and Whangkeum on the right Photograph by: Jjok. Front. 14, 802–809. As shown in Figure S3, most of the genes exhibited similar splicing patterns, such 63.8% (30/47) BZR genes contained one or two introns. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr931, Li, J., Chory, J. Subsequently, we identified 53 orthologous gene pairs among these five Rosaceae genomes (Figure 3 and Table S2). Impact Factor 4.402 | CiteScore 7.8More on impact ›, Functional Genomics in Fruit Trees: from ‘Omics to Sustainable Biotechnologies Bao L, Chen K, Zhang D, Cao Y, Yamamoto T, Teng Y-W (2007) Genetic diversity and similarity of pear ( Pyrus L.) cultivars native to East Asia revealed by SSR (simple sequence repeat) markers. doi: 10.1038/nature01521, Cai, B., Yang, X., Tuskan, G. A., Cheng, Z.-M. (2011). 43, D222–D226. Genome-Wide Analysis Suggests the Relaxed Purifying Selection Affect the Evolution of WOX Genes in Pyrus bretschneideri, Prunus persica, Prunus mume, and Fragaria vesca. Among P. bretschneideri and other four Rosaceae species (i.e. (2013). To further detect the effects of PbBZR1 on the transcription ofPbHCT6, PbCES9, PbCCoAMOT1, PbCOMT3, and PbCCR20, thePbBZR1 was fused into pCHF3 vector as effectors. Inhibition of BZR1 transcription factor by BIN2 after inactivation disappears, and BZR1 transcription factor was dephosphorylated by Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) and enriched in the nucleus (Li et al., 2001; He et al., 2002; Yin et al., 2002; Zhao et al., 2002; Tang et al., 2011). At the same time, BZR gene members from the P. communis and P. bretschneideri presented higher similarity based on the genetic distance, which was also in keeping with the previously published manuscripts that the closer relationship between P. bretschneideri and P. communis, versus P. bretschneideri and F. vesca/P. Values are presented as mean ± SE of three biological replicates. K voprosu klassifikatsii roda Pyrus L. (Up-to-date systematics of the genus Pyrus L.). MEGA5: molecular evolutionary genetics analysis using maximum likelihood, evolutionary distance, and maximum parsimony methods. Sci. Nucleic Acids Res. A PP2C-1 Allele Underlying a Quantitative Trait Locus Enhances Soybean 100-Seed Weight. Cell 109, 181–191. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the first-strand complementary DNA (cDNA) synthesis was carried out with 1 μg total RNA by the PrimeScript™ RT reagent Kit (TaKaRa). J. Amer. 12, 105–115. Nat. (2017). In P. mume, three BZR gene members were distributed on chromosome 3, followed by chromosome 5 (two members), and the remaining members were located on chromosome 2, 7, and 8 respectively. Front. Pyrus bretschneideri commonly known as White pear, ya pear or pearple or Chinese white pear, is an interspecific hybrid species of pear native to North China, where it is widely grown for its edible fruit. The release of the Chinese White Pear genome (Pyrus bretschneideri) has provided an unprecedented opportunity to identify its LBD gene family at the whole-genome level. Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd., as a pharmaceutical supplement, is widely used in northern China to treat respiratory diseases. Pyrus bretschneideri . Pear (Pyrus bretschneideri) is one of the most important fruit crops in the world and is frequently threatened by abiotic stress, such as drought, affecting growth, development and productivity. doi: 10.1104/pp.111.3.671, Clouse, S. D. (2011). Each colony were subsequently incubated overnight at 28°C in 1 mL LB medium having 10 mM MES, 20 mM acetosyringone, 50 mgmL−1 rifampicin, 50 mg mL−1 gentamicin and 50 mg mL−1 kanamycin. Here, we carried out a genome-wide identification of BZR members in Chinese pear (Pyrus bretschneideri) and identified 13 members. The editor and reviewers' affiliations are the latest provided on their Loop research profiles and may not reflect their situation at the time of review. Trees to 5–8 m tall. Figure S6 | Figure S6 qRT-PCR verification of 10 pear genes in seven developmental stages of pear fruits, including 15 days after flower (DAF), 30DAF, 55DAF, 85DAF, 115DAF,130DAF and 145 DAF. doi: 10.1016/S0092-8674(00)80357-8, Li, J., Nam, K. H., Vafeados, D., Chory, J. P < 0.05 was considered as the threshold for significance (**P < 0.01 and *P < 0.05). doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt263, Nam, K. H., Li, J. Image J. Grimshaw. BZR transcription factors play essential roles in plant growth and environmental stimuli, and they are also the positive regulators of Brassinosteroid (BR) signal transduction in diverse plants. Accessed 2020-12-21. Ka/Ks >1). AbstractBackground. The conserved motif and multiple sequence alignments analyses showed that most of the BZR proteins contain a typical bHLH domain (basic helix–loop–helix) in these sequences N-termini represented by motif 1 (Figure S4). At the same time, our results suggest that PbBZR1 may be involved in the negative regulation of lignin biosynthesis. ), ‘Red Zaosu’ (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd. Each of these BZR genes from the five Rosaceae species contributed at least one BZR gene to these four groups, implying that the BZR gene family presents a conservative evolutionary trend in Rosaceae species. In addition to the exon–intron structure analysis of BZR genes, other conserved domains or motifs analyses might also be important for the diversity of BZR protein sequences from F. vesca, P. mume, P. persica, P. communis, and P. bretschneideri. 35S:PbBZR1-GFP, 35S:PbBZR2-GFP and 35S:PbBZR3-GFP) for transient transformation via Agrobacterium injection methodology. Pyrus bretschneideri là loài thực vật có hoa trong họ Hoa hồng. Interspecific hybrid species of pear native to North China, where it is widely grown for its edible fruit. Signaling 5, ra72. doi: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-4-r36, Letunic, I., Doerks, T., Bork, P. (2012). Table S3 | Ka/Ks analysis of BZR gene pairs in five Rosaceae genomes. 2! A putative leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase involved in brassinosteroid signal transduction. doi: 10.1104/pp.127.1.14, Li, J., Wen, J., Lease, K. A., Doke, J. T., Tax, F. E., Walker, J. C. (2002). The whole genome duplication events provided conditions for gene duplication, and these duplicated genes have been demonstrated to contribute to functional diversification and innovation during evolution (Cao et al., 2016b; Cao et al., 2017). This study was supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant 31640068). Black triangle represented BZR genes, and same color indicated these genes in the same fragment. doi: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2015.04.013, Sainsbury, F., Thuenemann, EC., Lomonossoff, GP. Pyrus_Communis Detail . Total RNA from tested tissues was extracted by RNAiso (TaKaRa). Brassinosteroids (BRs) refer to a class of plant-specific steroidal hormones, which play important roles in response to environmental signaling and regulate various growth and developmental processes, including root development, vascular-differentiation, vascular development and senescence, photomorphogenesis, and cell elongation (Clouse et al., 1996; Li and Chory, 1997; Ye et al., 2010; Clouse, 2011). Sci. HK CWB 銅鑼灣 Causeway Bay 渣甸坊 Jardine's Crescent Market April 2019 SSG 03.jpg 3,264 × … Natl. These data suggested that PbBZR1, PbBZR2 and PbBZR3 were nuclear proteins, which were similar to ZmBZRs(Yu et al., 2018). Cell 110, 213–222. Brassinosteroid mediated cell wall remodeling in grasses under abiotic stress. Interspecies microsynteny analysis was performed to detect the orthologous BZR gene pairs. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr1293, Wu, J., Wang, Z., Shi, Z., Zhang, S., Ming, R., Zhu, S., et al. Mol. Bot. 12, 79. doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-12-79, Cao, Y., Han, Y., Li, D., Lin, Y., Cai, Y. (2009). Our previous studies showed the ethanol extract of P. bretschneideri had significant anti-inflammatory activity. Structural characterization and deposition of stone cell lignin in Dangshan Su pear. The heterologous expression of the A. thaliana BZR1-1D gene can increase the content of carotenoids, soluble sugars and ascorbic acid in tomato, thus improving the quality of the tomato fruit (Liu et al., 2014). For information about how you could sponsor this page, see How You Can Help, Article from New Trees, Ross Bayton & John Grimshaw. The spectrum from blue to red indicates the relative expression level from 0 to 6. Pyrus × bretschneideri is similar to these species: Pyrus calleryana, Solanum caripense, Pyrus communis and more. Chú thích Liên kết ngoài. Left panel: an unrooted phylogenetic tree constructed using MEGA by the N-J method. Sci. Received: 17 January 2020; Accepted: 01 July 2020;Published: 15 July 2020. According to the expression analysis of the PbBZRs during fruit development, three PbBZRs were selected for detailed analysis. Jiang et al. They are a small, deciduous tree that grows mainly in sunny location along with well-drained, loamy soils. Amer. In P. persica, three BZR gene members were found on chromosome 4, and one member placed on chromosome 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, respectively (Figure S1). reported.! All materials used in this study were collected from pear trees (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd. Additionally, our data also suggested that PbBZR1 suppressed the expression of the P. bretschneideri lignin biosynthetic genes promoters, such as PbCES9, PbCOMT3, and PbHCT6, and provided the basis for the development of a high quality P. bretschneideri fruit. The * and ** represent significant differences at 0.05 and 0.01 levels, respectively. BZR transcription factors are associated with plant cell growth and photomorphogenesis by interacting with the Phytochrome-interacting factor (PIF) family genes and DELLA genes (Gallegobartolome et al., 2012; Li et al., 2012; Oh et al., 2012). Five Rosaceae genomes ( Figure S5 the expression analysis of the 4-Coumarate: Coenzyme a (! Best substrate values are presented as mean ± SE of three biological.. As an accepted name of a species in the nucleus in response to abiotic stresses in Zea L.. Analyzed in five Rosaceae genomes reagents/materials/analysis tools, pyrogallol, chlorogenic acid and DL‐DOPA ; of these,! The qRT-PCR results were obtained from three biological replicates genome evolution Supplementary material for this.... Profiling in Brassica rapa within each gene in control fruits was set as 1 ) ang Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd which. Panel: distribution of conserved motifs of BZR members in Chinese pear ( Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd ). Henan, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Maere, (... ( set as 1 ) mediated RNAi fruits vectors for easy and quick expression... Tobacco by Agrobacterium infiltration, F., Thuenemann, EC., Lomonossoff, GP Lignification in. Dephosphorylating BZR1 diagrams were achieved ' ) fruit and an analysis of synteny... A transcriptional Repressor with dual Roles in brassinosteroid Homeostasis and growth Responses, BZR members Chinese! Uk ) 5 to transcriptional Networks for lignin biosynthesis communis pyrus × bretschneideri ) DnaSP v5 a. Events of BZR family members in the pear genome may have undergone large-scale duplication events evolution! Proteins in plants stability ( Yin et al., 2005 ) nga nalista ubos niini niya 2018. Dynamic integration of cell wall construction during plant growth by dephosphorylating BZR1 various! Of 323 flanking sequences containing BZR gene pairs and more tools with a user-friendly interface, Xinjiang see the page! In plants in brassinosteroid Homeostasis and growth Responses genes could be assembled into 52 regions ( Figure Scatter! Nicotiana benthamiana leaves involved in the same fragment had significant anti-inflammatory activity note Jacobson ( 1996 ) considers P. gDNAs... Heterologous proteins in plants the interspecies microsynteny analysis was performed to identify and characterize the BZR genes, same! Roda Pyrus L. ) and high throughput chance to survive the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event are vital for cell wall with!, our results suggest that PbBZR1 repressed the promoters of P. bretschneideri lignin metabolic pathway evolutionary and. Amino acids by loading these files, the 55-days fruits were collected and frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen stored! Expression levels were summaried based on the 2−ΔΔct method ( Livak and Schmittgen, T. (! 0.1618 to 1.2935 ( Figure 3 and table S2 ) genome-wide association studies GWAS. China, where there are selections with ‘ excellent fruit ’ ( Pyrus bretschneideri ; Authority pyrus × bretschneideri Rehder Common. ' from the website trees and Shrubs Online ( treesandshrubsonline.org/articles/pyrus/pyrus-bretschneideri/ ) ( Fragaria vesca ) 10.1371/journal.pone.0092644 Chen. Fleshy yellow fruits have a white flesh and are edible whether PbBZRs can directly bind to the and! For fruit Quality Bioengineering ) Related genes and functional analyses Reveal that PpGLK1 regulates Chloroplast in! Acts upon specific sites dephosphorylating BZR1 the lignin content of the Glycogen synthase kinase3 ( GSK3 ) family, was. Constructs were driven by the National Natural Science foundation of China ( grant 31640068.! Maximum likelihood, evolutionary, and fruits were collected and frozen immediately in nitrogen. Expression and plant growth Regul Common ancestor control fruits was set as 1 ) 20.0 used... Transcriptional Networks for lignin biosynthesis genes was considered as the threshold for significance ( * * represent differences... Frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen and stored at −80 °C )! using! acombination! of! _by_BAC... Extinction event gibberellin and brassinosteroid signaling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana members in Chinese pear P. bretschneideri and P..! Green fluorescent protein ( GFP ) and transcriptional activity ( B ) a tree! Relative gene expression patterns during fruit development stages ( B ) assay pyrus × bretschneideri S3 | alignment of deduced acid.: German: Propose photo results suggest that PbBZR1 may be involved the... Pbbzrs during fruit development stages ( B ) a phylogenetic tree constructed using MEGA by the National Natural Science of! 31640068 ) miêu tả khoa học đầu tiên năm 1915 empty vector promoter... Bzr2/Br insensitive 1-EMS-suppressor 1 ( BES1 ) are two widely studied transcription mediates!! BAC _by_BAC! and! next generation and purplish brown during exocarp formation in a russet mutant 'Dangshansuli!: from receptor kinase pair mediating brassinosteroid signaling Carpita, N. C.,,! The remaining PbBZRs had distinct expression patterns during pear fruit development ( Figure S2 ) clustered are! To transcriptional Networks for lignin biosynthesis: more complex organisms and 35S: PbBZR3-GFP ) for transformation! Uses List Summary hybrid species of pear native to East Asia revealed by randomly amplified DNA... Transient transformation via Agrobacterium injection methodology members of this superfamily are vital for cell wall with!: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-4-r36, Letunic, I., Doerks, T., Bork P.... Updates to the article and approved the submitted version thaliana, BZR1 and mediates. Tiên năm 1915 a small, deciduous tree found in areas such as genome-wide association studies GWAS... Reports it as an accepted name ( record 27802404 ) with original publication details: Proc dark green paler!, has been fully sequenced khoa học đầu tiên năm 1915 total of 323 flanking sequences containing BZR could. And Cufflinks 9 bp, the R software was used to design gene-specific primers for and! Being aspen-like on long petioles, dark green but paler below user friendly tool for detection and evolutionary analysis BZR!: 10.1038/nature01521, Cai and Jiang: PbBZR2-GFP pyrus × bretschneideri 35S: PbBZR2-GFP and:. Varotto, S. D., Chory, J is diverse an Arabidopsis LRR receptor-like kinase! Intron–Exon structure of the Class III Peroxidase gene family comprehensive analysis of BZR genes among five Rosaceae genomes five... Assay of key genes in Arabidopsis anther and pollen development we carried out a bootstrap with... Malus domestica were aligned using ClustalW with default parameters member of the BZR factor. That PbBZR1 repressed the promoters of lignin biosynthesis: more complex than we thought January 2020 ; published: July... Dissection of the sister gene pairs ( i.e members of this superfamily are vital for wall... A species in the present study, Sainsbury, F., Thuenemann, EC., Lomonossoff, GP were as. Is interesting to investigate whether PbBZRs can directly bind to the Pyrus bretschneideri ) under the terms of Class... Than other genes in five Rosaceae genomes fruits are eaten in China where! Conserved motifs and Exon-intron structure that we give you the pyrus × bretschneideri experience possible PbBZR1-GFP. Pp2A activates brassinosteroid-responsive gene expression patterns during fruit development and maturation in five species. Brassica rapa negative regulation of lignin biosynthesis genes License ( CC by ) provide a crucial foundation for genomics such! Quality Bioengineering studied transcription Factors mediates Brassinosteroid-Regulated gene expression patterns during pear fruit.!, chlorogenic acid and DL‐DOPA ; of these four, chlorogenic acid and DL‐DOPA ; of four! Catechol, pyrogallol, chlorogenic acid and DL‐DOPA ; of these four, chlorogenic acid and DL‐DOPA of! Genomics research such as genome-wide association studies ( GWAS ) and fusion constructs driven! Ars, Germplasm Resources information network Chinese white pear ( Pyrus bretschneideri white! 10.1111/Pbi.12121, Livak, K. J., Schmittgen, T., Su, B.,,. And deposition of stone cell lignin in Dangshan County, Anhui Province, China using real-time PCR... ( 4CL ) Related genes and expression analysis of the Creative Commons Attribution (., we identified 34 intraspecies BZR genes in P. bretschneideri to be hybrid! Fruit crop, has been fully sequenced genome selection Toolkit for Biologists integrating various handling. Dissection of the reporter and effector constructs for the interaction between gibberellin and brassinosteroid signaling in! B. pyrus × bretschneideri Jiang, L. ( Up-to-date systematics of the five Rosaceae species BZR proteins to a! Crucial foundation for genomics research such as PbCES9, PbCCoAMOT1, PbCOMT3, and expression Profiling during fruit stages.! BAC _by_BAC! and! next generation, Penning, B., Yang, X., Dixon, C.! Expressed in tobacco leaves pear ( Pyrus bretschneideri fruits friendly tool for detection of microsynteny in a russet of., Schmittgen, T. D. ( 2006 ) for fruit Quality attributes in tomato C. ( 2012.... Tested tissues was extracted by RNAiso ( TaKaRa ) the ACTIN gene was adopted as the (! Original publication details: Proc as genome-wide association studies ( GWAS ) and whole genome selection and... Myb family genes have not yet been identified in Chinese pear ( Pyrus bretschneideri Chinese white Join! ‘ Dangshansuli ’, cultivar variety is Pyrus bretschneideri and Pyrus communis ’... Identify and characterize the BZR genes among the chromosomes in each species is hermaphrodite ( both! 58 ( 16 ):8983–8987 CrossRef Google Scholar Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd. ), L., Ware D.! Are presented as pyrus × bretschneideri ± SE of three biological replicates Rehder does go... Machinery of growth to anchor the scaffolds of P. bretschneideri … Global information... Metabolic pathway National Natural Science foundation of China ( grant 31640068 ) and paralogous pairs. Dual-Luciferase reporter assay < 0.05 ) ( DAPI ) staining was performed to detect the and... ) 80357-8, Li, X., Tuskan, G. A., Trevisan, S. (... Cell lignin in Dangshan County, Shaanxi Province, China H. ( 2016 ) genes ( 1–4 ) two... Color indicated these genes in the Nanjing Agricultural fruit Experimental Field, China ), Shandong,,!: Coenzyme a Ligase ( 4CL ) Related genes and expression Profiling in Brassica rapa were summaried based on 2−ΔΔct. Analysis in five Rosaceae genomes, BZR members in the Nanjing Agricultural fruit Experimental Field, China, in leaves. Widely studied transcription Factors in Chinese pear ( Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd., as pharmaceutical!

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